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What has Taylor and Stirling been up to? Well we have lots to tell you. Firstly, we have plans for some new décor product adventures. One of them has already surfaced and creating a lot of interest. This would be our new interior lamp shades. Combining our love for fabric and art we now have a selection of unique shades to pep up your space. Teamed up with a soft sheer in your room it is sure to be a conversation starter. (Please see below)

Speaking of sheers, we are loving what is available to us now and how they are being used. In the recent past sheers served a purpose of filtering the light that passes from outside into our homes or space. The fabric available was a wide variety of course ranging from hessian like textures into a delicate lace pattern or even a combination.

In today’s era we are experiencing a more softer plain like fabric selection that do the same thing, filter the light. Except these days they are also softening the interiors of our rooms that is simple, soft and luxurious. Harsh like spaces are being transformed just by adding a simple sheer. Sheers are becoming increasingly popular now that the look and feel is more modern rather than some of the harsher products that used to be available. This is exactly what we need!!

Who would have thought that such a simple and effective move can make such a transformation? Installing sheers that are slightly larger than the window size ensures that you get a fuller, softer look when the treatment is closed.

We have come to know that you can do this with paint colour, however when combing the two together whether it be a dark paint colour you can then team it back with a soft colour on a soft sheer fabric and really do wonders to your space.



1)- Find a colour and texture that softens your space correctly and compliments your wall colour.

2)- Take the sheers off the width further if you have the space. Depending on the width of the window it could range from 200mm to 300mm and upwards. This will allow more light to come through as the fabric won’t cover the window as much if they are open.

3)- Don’t be scared to be bold with your paint colour because the sheers will soften it or vice versa.

4)- Relax, enjoy and love life.


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Up next we will show you our new photo shoot on “Softening the Harsh”. Stay tuned as it will be worth the visual


Written by Shandelle Cooper



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